Amway was honored at ASEAN Award 2024

Amway was honored at ASEAN Award 2024

14:15 - 11/06/2024

The 5th ASEAN Economic Forum was organized by the Vietnam - ASEAN

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The 5th ASEAN Economic Forum was organized by the Vietnam - ASEAN Entrepreneurship Development Research Institute in Singapore on May 18.5. This is an annual program held in countries in the region. Within the framework of the program, the ASEAN Award 2024 announcement ceremony took place to honor typical ASEAN businesses, famous ASEAN brands and ASEAN good entrepreneurs and managers. With two honors, including the ASEAN Typical Business Award for Amway and the ASEAN Famous Brand Award for the Nutrlite brand, Amway has affirmed its role in the process of socio-economic development, contributing to enhancing the position of Vietnam's economy in the international arena.

Amway was honored at ASEAN Award 2024- Photo 1.

Amway Vietnam representative (2nd, left) received the award at the ASEAN Award 2024 Announcement Ceremony

Typical ASEAN enterprise

To participate in the forum and be recognized as an ASEAN Typical Enterprise, businesses must fully meet the strict criteria of the organizing committee. First, businesses must make positive contributions to the environment of peace, security and stability in the region, while achieving business and production growth in the last 3 years. Besides, there are factors of competitiveness, sustainable integration, and human resource development strategy to meet integration requirements. The award also sets out extremely important criteria: businesses ensure economic development associated with environmental protection, fulfill social responsibilities, and promote community awareness and ASEAN identity.

Present in the Vietnamese market since 2008, Amway has gradually conquered customers, affirming its position among Vietnamese consumers. Amway has built itself strong internal potential with 300.000 distributors, forming a strong network of partners to cooperate and develop. The result after 15 years of development is that Amway Vietnam is proud to be in the Top 10 markets with the highest revenue globally in 2023.

At Amway, innovation is one of the top priorities. Amway is one of the pioneering enterprises in applying digital technology to serve business and management towards sustainable development of the enterprise. Since 2018, the digital ecosystem (Digital Ecosystem) has been invested and developed synchronously by Amway with an investment of more than 500 million USD to support distributors' business more effectively and conveniently...

Amway was honored at ASEAN Award 2024- Photo 2.

Amway with the ASEAN Typical Business award and Nutrilite with the ASEAN Famous Brand award

Besides business development, Amway also steadfastly pursues green economic development to create sustainable values ​​and support the community. From 2015-2021, Nutrilite coordinates with the Ministry of Health to implement the Power of 5 program to improve the nutritional status of children under 5 years old, and educate and raise awareness about child nutrition. In addition, Amway also organizes communication activities to raise consumer awareness about health, inspire and motivate consumers to build good habits and use natural nutritional products. course…

Famous ASEAN brand

Besides, with a 90-year history of development, conquering global consumers, the Nutrilite brand was once again honored in the region with the ASEAN Famous Brand award. Nutrilite products use raw materials from farms with a total area of ​​more than 2.500 hectares, certified organic by Amway. Each Nutrilite product is analyzed and tested 200 times before mass production, passes more than 500.000 independent quality checks each year and goes through a strict packaging process before reaching users. By owning more than 150 patents for product, packaging and technology breakthroughs, Nutrilite is proud to have created a safe and effective product line that helps the brand realize its commitment to providing innovative products. international quality.

Mr. Huynh Thien Trieu - General Director of Amway Vietnam shared: "Participating in the ASEAN Economic Forum is an opportunity for Amway to exchange and share experiences with businesses in the region. This is also an opportunity for Amway to introduce scientific breakthroughs in the product manufacturing process, as well as pioneering steps in applying technology in management and business. With the achievements we have achieved, we are confident that we will maintain sustainable business operations, contributing to a strong and prosperous Vietnam."

The recognition at ASEAN Award 2024 has affirmed the quality and reputation of Nutrilite in particular and Amway in general, increasing the brand's competitiveness in the region. The award is both a recognition of Amway's achievements and efforts over the years, and a motivation for Amway to continue researching and developing products and reaching further in its mission of helping people have a good life. more, healthier.